Does Your Brand Have Personality?

How to's  |  Jan 04

One major component of branding and developing a brand that consumers will love is your brand’s personality.
Brand personality is the way you are perceived by your consumers, and how your brand is delivered to the public. A brand’s personality should allow its target audience to easily relate to it and it should speak to them in a manner that is easily understood.
When you are assessing your brand and determining what type of brand personality your business has, it’s important to know the 5 main types of brand personality. We’ve listed them below for you, along with a brief description of each one:
Sincerity → This means your brand is portrayed as trustworthy, down-to-earth and honest.
Amazon and Chick-fil-A are great examples of “sincere” brands. Their transparent values and reputation for exceptional customer service make consumers feel like they can be trusted to do what is right and ultimately take care of the customer every time.
Excitement → An exciting brand personality is modern, upbeat and often times inventive.
An example of a brand that possesses an “exciting” brand personality would be Disney World or Marvel. Both brands are known for delivering exhilarating experiences and using modern trends to continuously deliver exciting products, events, and services to their audience.  
Competence → A competent brand is one that is portrayed as intelligent, dependable and unchanging.
Examples of a “competent” brand would be Microsoft or Rolex. Both of these brands tend to be constant in nature and consumers can generally rely on these brands to deliver an experience they are familiar with.
Sophistication → A sophisticated brand is often viewed as knowledgeable, charming and delivers a consistent experience every time.
Apple would be considered by most to be a sophisticated brand because of their knowledgeable delivery of products and their ability to consistently bring their audience the tools they love in a charming yet, straightforward manner.
Ruggedness → A rugged brand is usually known to have an outdoorsy feel and are typically indicative of nature or being tough.
Brands like Under Armour and Caterpillar are known for their tough style and consumers can depend on them to deliver an experience that is conducive with a rough or nature filled lifestyle.
Though these brands are all very different in nature, they have all established strong brand personalities that speak for them. In doing so, they have all become leaders and well-known players in their industry.
Now that you have an idea of what the main brand personalities are, you can begin to fine-tune your brand and ensure that your brand personality is both clear and effectively portrayed.
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