We’re a Group of Creative Industry Experts

We love coffee. We love learning. We love what we do.

We’re strategists, designers, developers and writers who love tackling critical challenges

Our Core Principles

1. Obsess Over People
Razz sees our clients and fellow teammates as human beings. We obsess over understanding their needs and empower them to achieve their goals.


2. Create Meaningful Experiences
Razz approaches everything we do as an experience. Each day is a fun, new, and challenging experience. From onboarding to the products we deliver, we strive to create the best experience possible. We believe the only way to do that is by loving what you do.


3. Learn & Win Together
Razz approaches work with an innate curiosity and go above and beyond to become an expert in everything we do and share that knowledge with others. We’re as strong as our weakest link. We are a collaborative team of individuals, so it’s always “we,” never “I”. Regardless of your role, we are all a part of every victory.

4. Do Awesome Work
Razz has a relentless commitment to the highest standards that drive us to think differently, find innovative solutions, and iterate strategically. We believe something worthwhile takes time to do well; therefore, we don’t sacrifice quality to “just get it done”.


5. Be Authentic
We are honest, genuine, and humble leaders. At Razz, we exude confidence, celebrate failure, admit mistakes and strive to learn and grow from them.


6. Simplify
We believe simpler is better. It’s also often the most difficult, yet rewarding way to produce extraordinary experiences.

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ResMan is the industry leading property management platform preferred by owners, operators and investors across the multifamily, affordable and commercial real estate marketplace. Our unparalleled user experience delivers a streamlined suite of accounting, reporting and property management services with a level of system-wide accuracy, compliance and reliability that is unmatched in the industry.

ResMan’s open and scalable architecture offers the choice and flexibility of an expanded product suite designed to help you manage the unique needs of your business, build your brand, and take control your financial success. We connect staff, residents and tenants to create modern communities where people want to live and work.

We’re constantly growing and learning together. We all pursue the same goals. We embrace diversity. We’re not only strategists, designers and developers – we’re foodies, we’re yogis, we’re gamers, we’re artists, we’re runners, we’re undiscovered models, we’re film buffs, and above all – we’re humans.

Some people are just born winners – are you one of them?

Grow with Us

Hard work pays off

We’re beyond thankful for every award we’ve received along the way. We use technology, innovation and big ideas to set us apart from the rest. Always striving to be the best, we’ve been recognized for our excellence in web design, marketing collateral and development year after year.

3      |    2017 IAC Awards

24    |    2017 Communicator Awards

6      |    2015 & 2016 W3 Awards

1      |    2015 WebAward

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